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  In 1977, an inspiring hockey player found his calling with engine work.  Starting out in a cylinder head department, Gregory Oldt gained valuable experience working on anything from air cooled engines to tug boat diesel heads.  After 7 years of working in various shops, he had perfected his craft and was ready to move on to his own shop.  His first shop would be a   16' x 20' garage in a residential area.  

  Greg's hard work and astonishing craftsmanship gave him more work then he could fit into this small garage and forced him into moving into a larger facility establishing 'Greg's cylinder heads' in River Rouge, MI. in 1986 and then moving to his current location in Riverview, MI.  From here he purchased a superflow flow bench and started porting heads along with the rest of the work that he was already partaking.  

 This move would allow him to start working on powerboats and other high performance machines and engines, making him one of the only in the area to supply high performance service.

Our mission is top quality service on all cylinder head repairs!

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Gregs Cylinder Heads
18750 Fort Street, UNIT 16
Riverview, MI 48193
TEL: 734.283.4747