I would like to thank Greg from Greg's Cylinder Heads.

First of all this bike is a 1929 45 cubic in. D model ( first year of the 45 before the war). This bike was owned by JB Jones from the Harley factory. JB Jones won 5 national championships on this 1929 45 Harley. Glen LaFollette bought this bike from JB Jones in the early 1940's and raced it for several years. The bike was sold to Glens nephew years later.  Glens son, motorcycle racer Mike LaFollette bought  it in 1978 and started restoring it in 2010.   Mike contacted Greg at Greg's Cylinder Heads to restore the cylinder heads and cylinders.  Greg opened his  arms to this historic project  with Mike LaFollette. Greg is a professional expert at machining cylinders and heads installed new valve seats and valves. Greg also bored and honed the cylinders for new pistons.  I want to thank Greg so much for the help and making this dream happen. Greg  is by far the best in the business today for your machining needs.

Once again Thank You So Much Greg for making my dreams come true, You are a Great Guy!!!!

Mike LaFollette.

Our mission is top quality service on all cylinder head repairs!

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